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Monday, April 5, 2010

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

This is a picture of an art-deco statue in the art deco home, in Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum. This is a museum that used to be the home of the Prince Asaka, the eighth son of Prince Kuni, who lived here with his princess Nobuko, the eighth daughter of Emperor Meiji. Prince Asaka was in line to be emperor, but it is a very long one, because 30 people would have to of died for him to become emperor. Prince Asaka and his wife were in paris in the mid to late 20`s and loved their art deco style. So they hired some of the most famous designers to style their home including Rene Lalique. There house is colossal compared to other houses in japan. Here is a link to some other pictures of the home.

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  1. Amelia good details in all of your post you are doing a really good job posting stuff Japan looks VERY fun.