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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pictures of museum

Map of subway station, in this picture we are in meguro (where we are staying)

Cherry Blossom
A park filled with cherry blossoms

This guy is so cute, he hit the cherry blossoms and made them fall down, then he swooped them up with his cherry blossom catcher. After he got bpred of that, he started putting the net over peoples heads. It was so cute!

The pictures above are of crutches for trees, they care for trees as if they are elderly
Outside of a museum
these are slippers that you had to put on, they didn't want you to dirty up the floor, so you carried your shoes around in a bag, and had ugly blue uncomfurtable slippers on.

This is a picture of a unbrella lock, you stick your umbrella in, take the key, lock it and put the key in your pocket. Then when you come back, you unlock your umbrella!
Pictures of a really pretty tea house.

Japenese mesure their rooms not by feet, but by tatomi mats.(those are the mats on the ground)

A garden with koi fish


  1. What is the size of a tatomi mat? What was the most expensive sushi? What kind of fish was it?

  2. The dimentions of a tatomi mat are 90 cm by 180 cm

    The most expensive shishe plate was 500¥ or 5 bucks

    The fish that I got in my plate was tuna, and the green stuff is cuecumber, but i o not know the others