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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pictures of balcony

This is the balcony view and balcony. One of the unique (past time spelling word) things about this balcony is that you enter from a window. If you see the picture above with my mom in it,you can see what I mean. It is so pretty though! As you can see, there are cherry blossoms surrounding us. I love how the japanese put trees in the city.


  1. Hi Amelia Japan looks so fun! The cherry trees are sooooooooo pretty you must love it in JAPAN. I have a question when you were talking about the temple that burnt down how many people died. Love how you added a spelling word! Mr. Fletcher says that for Japan you have a very descent sized place that you are staying in. How is the weather there. We just had 80 degree weather. I saw the television show. HA HA HA HA HA! What did you think when you walked into Japans air port? Please keep us updated keep doing videos and more pictures!!!!!!!! Miss you!

  2. of corse i will update the blog! it is so much fun reading the classes post and yours! ARG! IM JEALOUS, YOU GUYS HAVE 80 DEGREE WEATHER WHEN JAPAN IS COLDER THAN NORMAL HERE!!!!!!!! but i do love the cherry trees , they are really pretty! and yeah we do live in a really good sized home, and for 2 weeks, it was cheaper than something smaller for 1 week! Cant wait to see u guys!

  3. How cold is colder than normal?

  4. Cant wait to see u Amelia!! You are sooooooooo lucky!Cherry Blossoms are sooooooo pretty!! I think that they are some of my favorite. I have always wanted to see one in person! Have a great time!