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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Japanese Yen

This is a picture of Japanese yen. Look beloow to find the comparisons for yen and dalla dalla bills!

Yen Dalla dalla Bills

1 =.01 (or a penny)

5 =.05 cents

10 = .10 cents

50 = .50 cents

100 = 1.00 $

1000 = 10.00$

10,000 = 100.0$


  1. Laura wants to know if you have gone to any interesting restaurants like Kotos? Brooke wants to know what the strangest thing is you have seen. Jenna wants to know what the weather is like. Have you seen any tigers? Have your parents seen anyone that they knew from before? Have you seen any different types of animals? What is your favorite Japanese food? Nice use of your vocab words. The bonus points are piling up!!!! TTYS

  2. Hey Amelia! Your in Japan!(If you didn't already know!) :) How is it?????? Good? I hope it is! When you get back tell me all about it!

  3. Laura i i have a favorite resteraunt called sukiya, it has yakittori (MY FAVORITE FOOD)

    Brooke the adds here are really wierd. it is good weather jenna, and i ave seen a tiger (my charm) no my parents have not seen anyone yet. i have seen a gekoh when we were walking up a hill, and some pigeons but thats it.

    srry it is kinda messy and spelling mistakes i am in a rush