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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Arcade in VF

In this picture, I`m driving a bus. No, not a real bus, as you can see, a fake bus. Well, kind of. This is a arcade inside the VF (see above for discription) I was outraged by the price tag. 200 ¥ (yen the Japenese money)! Even thought that sounds like a lot, 200 ¥ is about 2 dollars and 16 cents. It is still a lot compared to the yankee lanes bowling alley arcade. Thats about 25-50 cents per game. The only differance in this place is that it is way bigger than the yankee lanes arcade! As you can see I am Driving a bus! I am serious, my family and I could barely find our way out of this place. In the next picture, Forrest and I are playing mario cart and my dad is riding a motor cycle, I told you, this place is colossal (I will highlight the spelling words now Mr. Fletcher)


  1. This will get you some bonus points on your test when you get back!

  2. Hi, 56 Blue today talking to you. Carlos wants to know if you are having fun. Hollis wants to know what the hotels look like. Ben wants to know if it is hard to figure things out because of the language? Kate wants to know if you lost your luggage. Deanna wants to know how you say I don't speak Japanese in Japanese. Isabel wants to know if you have seen any cherry trees? Max wants to know how long it took to get there. Sophie wants to know what your favorite part has been so far. Colton wants to know what the weather is like. Scott wants you to take a picture of some yen and post it. BJ wants to know if they have or use a lot of technology. Cam wants to know if they have a bunch of skyscrapers. Elizabeth wants to know if you have met anyone that spoke to you in English. These guys are much more awake than yesterday's class. We have to study now!!!!

  3. LOVE the picture of your dad!!!!!

  4. Ok, so to answer all the questions...

    Carlos- I am definitely haviong fun,

    Hollis- I don't know what the hotels look like inside but I have seen some trianglgular hotels here.

    Ben-Not really because they have a bunch of english sighns and I am studing the Katikana, a part of their language

    Kate- No we have not lost our luggage

    Deanna-"nihongo wo hanashimasen" = "I do not speak Japanese"

    Isabel-I have seen alot of cherry trees and they are really pretty, i do have some pictures of them in older posts

    Max- The plane ride was 12 hours long from Chigago to Japan, but from burlington to washington, and washington to chigago, and chigago to Naarita then the drive form Naarita it took about 25 hours door to door. But the plane played movies, and it was a double decker. Te only downside is i almost threw up because of the food on the plane.

    Sophie-My favorite part has been going to my favorite food place where you can get yakitori, a food bowl with ckiken, rice, and shredded nori. My second favorite place has got to be VF though.

    Colton-The weather is nice, but my parents say that it is supposed to be warmer.,

    Scott- That will be my next post.

    BJ- Yes they do use alot of technology. The 2 things that come to mind are the little pads that waiters and waitresses have when you order, they press it and it goes straight back to the kitchen. #2, cell phones, I will make a post.

    Cam-Yes they do, but they also have trees and shrines in the city to go with them

    Elizabeth- Yes, once we got lost and a really nice japenese girl came and spoke to us and showed us the way. We think that she knows english well because the said "where are you GUYS from" not where are you from.

    Thanks and sorry it is so long!