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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Japanese Cell-phones

This is a photo of a typical Japanese cell phone. The only thing that this girl is missing is the charm. If you look to your left, you see a tiger charm and 7 little people. These are both my charms connected to my camera. The tiger charm is for the year of the tiger, which was the year I was born in. The other one is just for show, because I think that the little people are really cute. These are not just people though, they are 7 gods. Here is a link to say more about the gods.

Here is something that you didn't know though, Japanese women, unlike American woman, carry around 2 cell phones, one for texting with friends or going on the Internet, and the other for talking long chats with friends who have the same plan. 20% of girls in high school have 2 cells phones, or maybe even more. If I were one with 2 I would be full of rejoice. Normally, the talking phone is just a plain basic model that doesn't have anything special about it. The texting phone, on the other hand, would probably be pink with bejeweled sparkles and a charm like I talked about. Another fact that you didn't know is that Japanese woman found a solution to texting in the tub. All you have to do is put a plastic bag over you phone and, bingo, there you have it! Plus, If you drop your phone, the bag should be sealed tight so no water will get in and break your phone. If the Japanese woman have a late assignment, they would cut and paste it or maybe even write it on their cell phones before going to school or work! The last fact that I found out from my dad is that some woman have to ride the subway for 10 minutes every day, so they write (or text) love stories or fantasy, or fiction , etc and become famous. Who wouldn't love to read a 5-min long story about heroes fighting sinister villains and the heroes being the victors while they go to work?


  1. Lydia wants to know if you would rather live in Japan rather than VT? Ben wants to know how you get Japanese money. Hannah wants to know what the common types of animals are. Megan wants to know what the food is like. What is common, and what does it taste like? Did you lose your suitcases? Bring back some favorite recipes so we can try some Japanese dishes!!!! TTFN

  2. Lydia- i totally love japan, but i like vt better, even though i would like to live here when i get older

    Ben, there are atms here and at the airport they have cash exchanges

    Hannah, i dont see many real animals, but that is because we are staying in the city, but there are always lots of birds. Did i metion that the crows are huge!

    Megan, the food is amazing!!! I really like yakiori, chiken with rice and nori. The typical stuff that we get for snacks are sushi and onigiri. it is like a triangular sushi and bigger! I have also seen some squid, but it doesn't look too apitizing.

    I am going to bring back some pocky, and traditional candy, if that is ok with u guys, plus, i will try to get the yakitori recipie! And no, we havn't lost anything yet, but forrest has lost something...

  3. Awesome! I love Pockey! In the world Market in VA they sell it. My favorite flavor is chocolate!

  4. mine too, but here they have a "mens pocky" and another "flavor" i guess. The only difference i see is that the backround is white instead of red. I <3 POCKY!! I first tried it in disney world, where di u first try it?

  5. What is pockey? I've never heard of it before or tried it!