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Thursday, April 15, 2010


This is called Calpis and it tastes like orange cream-sicles in a bottle! I want to try to get some but i dont know where. There is a asain shop on church street, but i dont know for sure if they have any. Please let me know if you know of any japanese stores in Williston or Burlington
pictures of mountains
cool trees

cool lantern
a rock shaped like vermont!!!! i think i am getting a little homesick....
cool....thing again
fake frogs that are cute


 Here are some pictures of a monkey farm.

 I swear that i have about 12 pictures of these monkeys together because i wanted a pic of one of the monkeys faces (the one on the left) but i couldn`t get one because he  turned his head my way, and i was just about to take a pic and he would turn the other way so i always got the back of his head.

 This is a pic of a monkey chasing me for no reason (it didnt help that he was the largest monkey of them all) so i was standing on the veiwer thing (which is a 100 yen in japan and around 25-50 cents in america) miding my own bisness when this monkey comes up. So i say "hi monkey say cheese!" and then you know what happended next

 mom and baby

Wild Cats

A really cute wild kitty we saw other ones that i couldn't get a picture of though. Anyway there was one house cat and a wild cat, and they were 6 yards away from each other and they started meowing. Then out of the blue, another wild cat comes out from behind the house cat, and goes and sits down next to the first wild cat. Now we were about ready for a cat fight when suddenly another cat comes out of the bushes to stare at the house cat too! Nothing really happened though, they stared and meowed at each other for about 5 minutes and then the house cat went away. It was really cute though!

Then this was its face when forrest came near it.... (i dont blame the cat)

Bamboo forest

Pictures of the famous bamboo forest

Koi fish

Some pictures of koi fish (they have these in the gardens)

Weird adds

Here are some pretty weird adds for you megan

Monday, April 12, 2010

Conveyer-Belt Shushi!

 This looks like squash to me, but i dont know.
 Conveyer belt sushi. you pick anything you like (unless you have a budget)and once you finish, you bring your bowl\plate to the counter and they look at the color of the plate and can get the total price that way. (there is a chart that has the color of the plates and how much you have to pay for them)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Toto Toilets

These are some pictures of the Toto Toilet show. I only took pictures of the Kitchens and bathrooms in the show, but I did get some pictures of toilets in there. These are some of my favorite peices. I love this light green tile in the picture above, it is so pretty! But as you go down through the pictures, there is one of a board with tiles on it (well, there are three) I like the Gray tiles the best out of all of them. These are not regular sized bathrooms and kitchens though, because japanese, unless you are very wealthy, mostly live and grow up in apartments. So these sized kitchens are too big to put in an apartment. The size of the bathroom above is a normal size though.